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Life Saving

MHSLSC looks after the beaches from Madora Bay through to Halls Head.

Life Saving

The dedicated team of volunteers at Mandurah Surf Life Saving Club look after the beaches from Madora bay through to Halls Head.

We currently set up a Flagged patrol at Town Beach during Christmas and some Public Holidays. San Remo beach, the location of our club house, is also covered by a flagged patrol at various times during the summer season.

In addition to the flag patrols we run roving patrols along our beautiful coastline via beach bikes, ATV’s, IRB’s and Jet Ski’s.

For more information on the beaches which are patrolled please visit the Beach Safe Web page

It is our goal to continue the steady growth of our volunteer lifesavers so we can continuously improve the level of service we offer the community.  There is a position for everyone in surf lifesaving from 13 to 100 years old! There is plenty you can offer without ever putting your toe in the water.

If you would like to explore the opportunities we offer please do not hesitate in contacting one of our friendly team who will talk through what we can offer you as much as what you can offer us!



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